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Piece of Mail - M-7 Piece of Mail - MET 14.99.28 Iranian coining

Piece of Mail ????

Small piece of Mail. Each ring stamped with parallel lines. Rectangular rivets of copper alloy.

Additional analysis by Mart Shearer:

It is certainly a piece of Islamic (possibly Northern Syrian or Persian) mail. Three factors point to this origin, all of which are shared by an example in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (14.99.28) which is described as probably early 16th c. Syrian or Turkish..

Hervis of Metz, Roman de Garin, ll.9404-9405:

Et puis vestit .I. blanc hauberc safrei, D'argant la maille, li clavains fut dorez; And then dressed in 1 saffroned white hauberk The mail of silver, the nails were of gold;

However, copper-alloy rivets remained in use far longer in Indo-Persian mail. Further, the use of rectangular rivets (David Edge has referred to these as "slotted" rivets) seems to be a feature peculiar to Mamluk mail. Compare MET 14.99.28 illustrated in the second image.


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